Sound Healing


Shamanism has been the starting point of all that I do and offer. It is a perspective I deeply resonate with and has given me the means to find my way. Through my studies and practice I have gained a deep understanding of what lies beneath our physical reality and realised how important it was to remember and reintegrate this perspective.

We are all looking for ways to support our healing, to give us insights on how to improve our lives so that we can find balance and harmony. These days we have access to many tools, which is so wonderful because we can then choose the ones working best for us. The right tool will help you find and integrate your centre, your inner-power. It will allow you to deepen and see your life from a different angle, inspiring changes giving access to healing.

Contrary to what our culture has been telling us, Life is not about coping but about being. We each came here with special gifts. Most of the time those gifts are deep within and can be at first quite challenging to uncover, who we are supposed to be according to our culture has been hiding them. And so the goal of healing is to find who we are meant to be so that we can start expressing these gifts. Healing is all about creating space so that we can be available to our becoming.
It takes willingness and courage to walk this path, however, it is greatly rewarding as our journey unfolds! There will be letting go and sacrifices to be made along the way, and there will also be great reliefs and empowerments, bringing a deeper sense of happiness. From such work you will find the balance and harmony you are looking for.

In my opinion, as serious as healing is, it also needs to be uplifting. When you think of it, isn't it exciting to know that all the work you are doing will bring harmony and peace. Healing shouldn't be a burden but a desire. This desire gives you the power to stay open and keep going when it gets difficult, and to have fun and feel good when it is easy. There is nothing like discovering and integrating your abilities, to know that yes, these is something you are here to offer the world! In the end you can only win, and when you look back you will be so proud of your achievements, and this deep satisfaction will be benefiting all around you.

If you think taking care of yourself is selfish well it is not. You can only give what you have inside, so, the more you care for yourself, the more you have to give! And that is where healing is wonderful and important. Not only will you find yourself but you will be more able to be there for others as well, it is a win/win situation :)

Along the way we need support and it is important to find what we resonate with. Feeling an attraction for the modalities you choose make them even more potent because you will be open to receive what they offer. It is an intuitive job to find what would work best for you and it might change over time, because you are changing.

So I invite you to browse through my different modalities where you will find detailed information. If you resonate with my work I would be honoured to support you on your journey to wholeness.

Wishing you will find inpsiration as you visit, and do not hesitate to contact me if need be.
Much Love and Blessings,


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