From then....to now

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Once upon a time… and here I am :)
It all started in France where I grew up, then I spent many years in the US and now the UK is my home.

My life has been an unending quest for meaning. I never felt at home in this material world of ours, there had to be more to Life than what I had been taught, so early on I decided to look for an other truth. All came through a long search motivated by the deep desire to find authenticity and inner harmony. I was fascinated by intuition, this invisible part in us I could tap into for guidance and support. I chose it as my compass, learning to trust it as I was slowly making my way, gathering knowledge through my experiences. Someday for sure it would all make sense!

And it finely started to when in 1999 I encountered shamanism and felt a deep resonance with this perspective. It felt like a way that could help me ground while keeping my spirituality growing. It taught me that Life was a partnership with the invisible, a dance where nothing was as it seemed and everything was alive. Most of all it taught me the value of authenticity, having the courage to embody who we come here to be. It is an ongoing commitment and there is nowhere to get to, this unfolding is infinite.

I attended courses by Sandra Ingerman, Tom Cowan, and did a 2 year shamanic practitioner training with Alberto Villoldo in the US. I explored Celtic shamanism with Martin Duffy in Ireland and Simon Buxton in the UK.

Always drawn to know more I also studied astrology, a great way to understand and accept the way things were and what I had in me to support my chosen path. I explored the tarot to refine my intuition and found a way to do readings based on my shamanic knowledge of tracking energy. In 2007 I came across a software allowing me to design forest scenes, and later created 2 decks with these images, Walking with the Sacred and Nothing is at it Seems.

My understandings and personal healing work greatly deepened when I started exploring the inner masculine/feminine energies. From this exploration, in 2015 I developed a different perspective to support an awakening and inner reconnection, creating Harmony of Differences, a program based on the birth chart combining sound healing and coaching.

After moving to the UK my focus turned to sound, and in 2013 I studied with Tony Nec, getting certified as a sound healing practitioner. In 2017 I certified in Biofield Tuning, a sound healing technic working with tuning forks created and taught by Eileen McKusick.

Life has been teaching me to trust my unfolding, first taking me on a challenging and wondrous journey of self-discovery. It took a while to get to where I am now and along the way I acquired a solide set of tools. Authenticity and inner harmony have been core to my search and over time I understood how important it was, the hard work it took to heal and make space for integration, and how it was an ongoing job, indeed not about the destination but the journey. All I have learned I weave into my practice, supporting others with this healing has been my main motivation in becoming a practitioner.

Many thanks for your time and interest in my work.
With much Love and Blessings,