From then....to now

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Once upon a time… and here I am :)

My Life is not a strait trajectory filled with dates and facts connecting to a particular goal. Instead it is a search, fluid and full of surprises. A deep desire to find balance. Actually you’re right this is a goal. Well then, I mean to say this goal is rather abstract and wide and my life is about shaping and defining it. I travel through the unknown looking for the resonance bringing me home, home to the me I can only know through unfolding. In a nutshell, when I started I had no clue today was where I was going. All I have now came from my search, I never looked for it, it didn’t have a name back then it was just a whisper… From invisible desire to visible reality is my stretch in this life. Much daring it is asking of me!

It all started in France where I grew up. Following an invisible thread, at first unconsciously, it took me to the US for many years where I learned much. Now in the UK, grounding and manifesting are demanding my attention.

See, I never felt at home in this material world of ours, and could not ignore it. When I was a teenager I thought there must be more to Life than what I had been taught in school or from family. I didn't know who I wanted to become, too chaotic inside to be able to find out. And it just didn't make sense that happiness would come from having things, so I decided to focus on healing instead. And my conscious journey began…

One of my first trigger came from a book by Shakti Gawain about intuition. I was already very drawn to a spiritual perspective and this idea added to it. I was fascinated with the fact that there was an invisible part in us I could tap into which would guide and support me. I decided it would become my way of navigating Life.

Practicing leading an intuitive life step by step, reading books, taking classes and most of all working on myself, I was making my way. For quite a few years I did not know where it was all going, I just knew I could trust it. I was gathering knowledge through my experiences and someday for sure it would all make sense. Well it did when in 1999 I encountered shamanism.

My life seems to be about finding keys unlocking doors taking me deeper and deeper within. Shamanism is a very big key! It sure deepens my life as I practice my conscious connection to spirit. I am learning that Life is a partnership with the invisible, a dance where nothing is as it seems and everything is alive. Most of all it is teaching me the value of authenticity, which takes time and willingness to integrate. It is most important as no relation could be true without it. I am learning that Life is about having the confidence to embody who we come here to be. Let me tell you, much easier said than done! It is a lifelong commitment I found out, a journey with only truth as its destination, and truth never arrives but keeps unfolding, so better get used to the notion that I would never be done and that it wasn't the point anyway.
Inspiration and imagination are two other important keys in my life. So when in 2007 I came across the software I work with for my forest images, I was in heaven!

Learning mostly from my own healing and experiences I have also been inspired by great teachers. I attended courses led by Sandra Ingerman, Tom Cowan, Martin Duffy, Simon Buxton, all sharing great insights I then practiced to integrate. I also did a 2 year training with Alberto Villoldo.

As I was getting older I faced a huge question mark… what was I to do with all my collected clues and keys? 'You share' whispered my intuition. And so, gathering all I had learned so far I started looking for ways. I asked myself 'what supports me most through my healing adventures'? Intuition, imagination and inspiration. Very well then, lets find a way to present all this. You are now witnessing my findings :)

All I offer is rooted in my shamanic understanding because there is great value in these teachings. Life indeed is about walking with authenticity. Especially now with our culture being so out of balance, we need to be in our own centre to navigate these troubled waters. We are at a crossroad, clearly needing to re-integrate the Sacred in our ways, to remember that Life is much more than meet the eye and has to be respected. Imagination, inspiration and intuition are all powerful doorways that can support the healing of our fears and fragmentation. The truth is, they are part of who we are, not just for fantasy books or movies, we can find them within. They have been my guides for a very long time, helping me understand that finding my way, even if it can be very challenging at times, did not have to be a struggle. Yes there is magic in Life, it is not just for children and when you open to it you are not being immature, you are reclaiming your wholeness!

With all the chaos in the world healing has become a necessity if we want to keep our sanity and regain balance. But see, we are never alone to do this work, spirit is always with us. We get fooled by the physical appearance of Life but there is more. This 'more' is the invisible energetic part, and that is where spirit resides. This has been core to my journey, without this connection I would not have found the courage to keep moving forward. It is from this partnership that my work holds meaning.
The secret I uncovered for myself is that when you start becoming who you came here to be it is your spirit expressed through you. Until then it is just your mind controlling the show and you live only half of your story. I'd say reclaiming our wholeness is well worth the effort. We do want to save our world don't we? So lets tell the whole story!

Many thanks for your time and interest in my work, may it inspire you!
With much Love and Blessings,

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