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Magic Thread

Consciously creating your authentic life, your Heart's desire
A workshop for empowerment and inspiration

Life is not as linear as we might think, our choices define our future. So yes, you can make a turn whenever you wish and much will change!
You see, ahead are infinite potentials awaiting to be manifested and you hold the key!

When combining practical ways with intuition and imagination, you experience much guidance and a life filled with synchronisations!

In this workshop you will connect to the potential your heart wishes to unfold. Creating a thread connecting with where you are now to where you will be then, you will be able to be informed, inspired and get messages from your future self. You will sense steps needed to be taken, supporting your unfolding.

Through journeying meditations in forest scenes from my deck Walking with the Sacred, you will enter the magical landscape of your future, getting insights and understandings. And through exercises you will link your present to this potential, allowing you to consciously manifest it.
You will learn simple and practical ways to keep yourself on track. Creating a connection with your future self will allow you to enter in a dialog and be guided.

There will be a meditative walk in the Chalice Well garden were you might find a gift to support your path…

Come and spend the afternoon with us in this enchanting and safe place the Chalice Well is, it will be filled with inspiration, insights, wonders and fun! You will take with you the magic of this day, with tools to unfold the life you most desire.

You will need:
A blank journal and a pen
An umbrella in case of rain and wear comfortable clothing.

Chalive Well Gardens

Thursday 19 July 2018

From 14h to 17h

Exchange including access to the Chalice Well Gardens:
Special offer when registering before 1st July: £40
After 1st July: £45

Contact me for registration and payment via Paypal.