Practice Intro

What is sound healing?

It is a non invasive modality where a variety of instruments are being played around or directly on the body while lying on a couch fully clothed.

There is a great variety of instruments a practitioner can work with, basically anything that make sound can be a healing instrument as it is its vibration that works with the energies.

What makes sound powerful?

One of the main reason is consistency. When playing a drum it will never sound like a clarinet, it has a signature you can rely on. It is this great consistency holding the same vibration that can transform chaos into coherence.

How does sound healing works?

To understand how this works we need to have an inclusive perspective because sound does not work alone, on the energetic level there is no separation, all is connected. There is no fixing going on the way a mechanic would fix a car, it is a partnership between energy and sound. So yes, our perspective needs to include the energetic part of Life because it is where sound interacts. For example, playing an upbeat song when a little down will uplift you. What is happening is that your energy enters in relationship with the sound, literally, and this interaction shifts your mood.

With sound healing the sound emitted by an instrument will hold the space in its particular vibration. This vibration will interact with your energy and entrain it back into coherence, restoring a harmonious flow enabling healing to occur. So you see, it is a partnership between your energy and the sound, the consistent resonance of the instrument tunes your vibration as it interacts with it. You could say that sound healing is getting an energetic tuneup, it will untangle chaos and restore harmony.

Sound supports, promotes, clears, enhances and restores coherence due to its interaction with your energy field.

How can sound heal?

It is not so much that sound heals in a way where it has power over us, it is the relationship between the sound and our own vibration that creates a shift. Ultimately your body is the healer, once its vibration has been rectified your energetic flow is restored and health returns.

It is the great consistency of the resonance of an instrument being played during the session that supports the harmonising of your vibration. It does not do anything, it just vibrates, which allows your energy to adjust as it interacts with it. All it really does is promote flow, which when we are unwell is what is lacking. The return of flow is the return of harmony.





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