Sacred Soul Journey

What is inspiration? It is a realm unbounded by the rational mind where ideas are born. It has a wonderful quality of expansion. When we are inspired we enter a vast land where visions appear. It is a direct link to our imagination, well…. maybe it is our imagination.

You can never quite pinpoint where an inspiration is coming from, but somehow all of a sudden here it is. You were thinking about a project maybe, watching a movie, listening to a friend… and then something happens, an idea comes to mind just like that, out of nowhere it seems.

I find inspiration so important, it is a wonderful powerful energy guiding us on our path, pointing the way and making us aware of what would suit us best. We would be wise to follow these whispers, they come from deep within and are in perfect harmony with who we are.
And you know what else is important and beautiful about inspiration… it is entirely yours and there is such freedom there! Have you noticed how uplifted you feel when an idea comes in, how you are full of energy and motivation? That energy is your power! When you get inspired you enter in relation with your Soul, your Spirit. you are in intimacy with the spiritual realm. Your Soul whispers deep knowledge and you get in touch with potentials. An idea is a potential, it is a seed waiting to become manifest. You connect to your ability to manifest when you get inspired, I'd say that is priceless, wouldn't you!

So, it is a very good idea to trigger inspiration, opening the door to this vast realm I call the Great Mystery. This land holds all seeds waiting to be discovered, waiting to be manifested! Now what good would it do to hold all these ideas if no one were to unfold them I ask you. When you get inspired, it is the Great Mystery wanting you to unfold a potential!

Click the book you see below on the grass, it will take you there, to the Great Mystery…



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