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Harmony of Differences



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It is my opinion that to manifest this long awaited harmony we need to look at Life from an other angle so we can see and understand in a new way, basically we need a new paradigm. When I started looking from the masculine/feminine energies as my focal point an other reality appeared, giving me tools and the strength to dissolve my fears, this is what I share with you through this program.

The intention is to serve your Soul's path, your authenticity.To support an awakening through an inner reconnection allowing you to start reclaiming your space, integrate your uniqueness and strongly stand on your own two feet.

The core of this work is based on a shift of perspective giving space for deep transformation supporting a reconnection through the return of flow. It is designed to help you take charge of your emotions, not from control but working with them. On this path freedom is acquired through the inclusion of all that you are, nothing is left out but transformed. It is a perspective of wholeness allowing space for the dissolution of fear and healing of pain and suffering, being then able to more easily shift unhealthy patterns. Not an end in itself it is the beginning of a new way to perceive and work on yourself.

This is not therapy in the traditional sense, instead of working on your stories we will look at their energetic dynamic. I will show you how to transform conflicts by being in the moment and becoming a witness with simple and practical tools. The power of this work comes from this different perspective of the masculine/feminine energies as it creates a spaces where shifts can take place. It is not a belief system, just a different way of looking at Life showing an other reality. It adds to the way you view the world, giving you more choices to navigate your life.

It can be tricky to shift perspective due to our deep engrained habits, and scary to look inside, the coaching part is to guide and support your integration. Our work together is a partnership where I help you uncover the places where you are disconnected. The goal is to restore your flow by developing an objective view to become aware of your inner relationship, which will change the way you relate to yourself and enhance your life. As a result you will feel stronger and more confident and grounded in your centre, able to gain independence and become your own authority.

Sound sessions are included in this program because it has been my experience that, even though it is key not all can be resolved by becoming aware, our energy needs to be worked on as well. Around our body is a field where information is stored, working with tuning forks I aid the dissolution of stuck energies coming from traumas. I work with the planetary tuning forks, choosing the ones based on your birth chart where I will sense the places of tension indicating your areas of challenge.

It takes courage to face ourselves, something I know very well! This work asks for a strong commitment so that you can move through the challenges that will surface. Awareness is your light and it is the willingness to open to yourself that will decide how deep we go.

It is my passion to be there for you, helping you see and transform the tough stuff. This perspective is an approach offering an other angle to not just understand but interact with your inner life to bring permanent changes which will keep unfolding.




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