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Harmony of Differences



M/F Perspective

Harmony of Differences came out of a life long search for inner peace, a process that unfolded in stages with a few big key moments taking me deeper. You could say Harmony of Differences is my life’s work which I want to share as it has supported my own transformation so much.

This journey for consciousness started long ago when I didn’t even know what it really meant. It was fuelled by an endless thirst for freedom as I was inhabited by conflict and paralysing fears holding me back greatly. I wanted to find the root of it all, sensing it was the only way to really heal. The idea that there were parts of me that were wrong and needed to be let go of didn't sit well either, I was searching for meaning and resolution rather than fixing, I wanted wholeness, and to me this meant integration, not rejection. I kept being nagged by the idea that inclusion of all that I was was the way to be truly free, I just needed to find out how to be at peace with my disturbing parts. I came to understand I needed to look for something different to find answers because I was not inspired by what the culture offered.

With this ongoing spiritual quest nourished by the fascination for the energetic part of Life, one of my biggest awakening came as quite a shock when I became aware that I didn’t actually feel this part. Even though it made so much sense it was not real to me, it was just an understanding in my head which obviously was not sufficient for deep healing because after years of work, except for insights nothing was really changing. It was a very painful realisation taking me a while to accept yet it pointed to an important direction. As I kept deepening to find answers I realised my beliefs were in the way! The thing is, I had no idea they were beliefs, I didn’t even know they were there. I now had to find a way to transform these preconceived ideas, and I needed something practical so that I could take myself from intellectual understanding to physical reality. This process helped me discover that most beliefs came from my culture. With this new awareness I started practicing observing the world from a different angle so that I could find something new. But not until looking into the masculine/feminine energies did it all start to fall into place.

Exploring these energies, looking into patterns, observing our culture, informed by all I had so far learned and also witnessed within myself, I saw that nothing was set in stone but rather came from a disconnection. I discovered that wholeness was actually an awakening, there was nothing missing, it just needed to be re-membered, and it was within this reconnection that healing occurred.

What I came to understand was that Life was composed of 2 realities existing simultaneously: the visible and invisible, meaning the physical and energetic or yet again masculine/feminine as I like to call it now. In the physical/visible reality all is separate, this is the masculine side; in the energetic/invisible reality all is connected, this is the feminine side. They exist simultaneously and are the expression of one polarity, embodying different attributes so that they can interact. For harmony they need to work together equally, it is a partnership of the energetic with flow and the physical with structure. In other words the energetic animates the physical with its flow and the physical defines the energetic with its pattern, they are intimately intertwined.

As I became aware that we were made of this polarity I started to see that our dysfunctional culture came from a disconnection within each of us and not from something being wrong. This has been going on for centuries and by now we were deeply asleep. Awakening to our wholeness is possible from where we stand, my experiences showed me that the first essential step is a shift of perspective, then the work of mending this disconnection can begin.

Through my search and inner work I have found ways to diffuse fears and mend this disconnection. And it is a process I am still very much engaged in, a transformation that doesn’t end but keeps deepening, creating more and more space for the Heart. Long ago I read about the importance of self-Love and spent my life looking for it, I was in a turmoil I couldn’t ignore. Looking for my own answers allowed a deep understanding coming from direct experiences.

Through these experiences I now know it is no small task to wake up from this kind of sleep! The path I chose showed me how finding peace is about becoming aware of all that we are, it is an integration. When shifting our perspective we can then see that we are not stuck or broken, just extremely out of balance, and our suffering comes from an inner disconnection.

Harmony of Differences has emerged from this realisation and aims at supporting your awakening through this masculine/feminine perspective, combining all I have explored and learned, working with tools such as astrology which is our personal map, sound to diffuse pain locked in trauma, and intuition for guidance and insights. It is an introduction of a different way of working on yourself, a way that has finely enabled me to start integrating inner peace, not from being in a good mood but from being able to hold all that I am and transform conflict.



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