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Purpose & Intro

Life as we experience it

Once upon a time, we chose to see and accept the world only in its physical aspect. It was somehow decided that what our physical eyes could not see did not exist. For something to be validated we needed proof, if it couldn't be demonstrated in a physical way it was discarded, labelled as fake, impossible, unacceptable, simply non- existent.

This view of our world has been going on for quite some time, so long indeed that we now accept it without question. It has become the ultimate truth deeply embedded in our psyche, defining who we are. It is not so much anymore that other aspects of reality are rejected, for rejection means something exists and is simply not being acknowledged. Over time, to us, this has become the only reality: the physical world is all there is. What cannot be seen physically simply does not exist, period. Sounds familiar?

With such a deeply ingrained belief of a world only physical, we are certain everything is separate. We are now in a profound denial, unaware, asleep, convinced of this truth as being the only possible reality. This view of our world has fragmented us, creating a great disconnection, so great that it is quite challenging for us to open to and include other realities. It has created a lot of fear and pain, and engendered power struggles with the need to constantly protect ourselves.

A different perspective, foundation of this practice

Observing our reality and all its suffering as I looked for ways to heal myself, I faced such complexity that I chose to simplify and started looking at it from the energetic perspective, and more specifically the masculine/feminine energies. As I explored it became obvious the duality we lived in was but one polarity with feminine/masculine on each side, and shifting my perspective I started to see duo instead of dual. Yes they are opposites yet not separate, and just like a coin has two sides they cannot be divided. Cut a coin in as many pieces as you want it will always have two sides. It comes to say that we live in two realities at once, they coexist simultaneously in the same space.

To be clear, naming these energies M/F, I am not speaking from a gender perspective but a purely energetic. Looking closer I noticed how indeed everything was composed of this polarity, all has a pattern (masculine) and flow (feminine).

These two energies have an infinite number of attributes.
•Feminine is invisible, it is fluid so it can circulate, connect, relate, expand, include, flow and so on.
•Masculine is visible, it is a structure so it can hold, maintain, form, separate, pattern, focus, define and so on.

Now, going back to the way we perceive the world and looking at it through the lenses of attributes, what became visible to me is that the choice we made long ago of accepting only the physicality of life, meant that we perceived reality only from the masculine attributes.

What does this mean?

Our perspective of reality being based solely on the physical we rely exclusively on appearance, our definitions rest only on the form. For us this means that being a woman is to be feminine only, and being a man masculine only. It is harshly judged to have qualities we see as belonging to the other gender because we believe it to be impossible. You can see this by looking at how a sensitive man or a strong woman are treated, it is not acceptable at all, we think they are imitating the other gender and it is not normal. From this perspective of polarity it is not so, reality is larger than what we have so far accepted as truth, we are made of a polarity that cannot be divided. Our conflicts are coming from a deep denial, from accepting only one side of reality, relying only on the form.

Each of us has F/M, it is what we are made of. Due to our attachment to form and certainty of separation we have suppressed one side of the polarity, meaning women have their masculine suppressed and men their feminine. This has created a great tension and inner conflicts as we are rejecting half of ourselves, making it very challenging to express all that we are. For example, boundary which is a masculine attribute, is often hard for women to express. And feeling, a feminine attribute, is often hard for men to be in touch with. A lot of our pain is caused by this denial because we cannot exist with only half, we are both, and they always work together. The masculine defines while the feminine connects. We are both finite and infinite, yet we believe we are separate because we only look at the form. It is a myth that we are halves and the other gender will complete us. This myth is based on the physical view only. This runs very deep in us and has become the very fibber of our lives. Being in this denial we project onto the other as we are under the illusion that what we are missing can only be fulfilled by getting it from someone else. Since we cannot live without it of course, remember, a polarity cannot be divided, we look for it outside. All we are missing is recognising our wholeness, and until we shift our perspective we cannot integrate because we are only validating one side of the polarity.

These two energies are different, yes, and are equal. The difference of one supports the difference of the other, allowing them to interact and create harmony. Our authenticity, our true power, is not masculine or feminine, it is both. Take one out of the equation and you get distortion. It is through diversity that you find harmony. We have this diversity inside, it is called M/ F energies and their many attributes. To be balanced we need to become aware of this inner partnership and have them equally supporting each other. Coming out of denial will transform our emptiness as it will reunite, in our awareness, energies that were never meant to be separated. We cannot truly share until we reclaim our wholeness. Until then we are in need, under the assumption that the other can fill our voids. It is an illusion, we already have within what will fill these voids. Once we mend our inner relationship we will then be able to experience life fully and share instead of need.

Our culture has been disconnected for a very long time. There are many ways to mend this disconnection, this perspective is one of them, an invitation to inspire your awakening and find your way to wholeness. This work is designed to support you to become aware of your inner M/ F dynamic so that you can bring them in harmony.




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