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Harmony of Differences


"I have a lot more confidence in the world. I find myself doing things, simple things that I struggled with before, with ease. The activities that were catered to me were very valuable. Gwenolye’s generous spirit guided me through a deep process of demystifying my usual perspective. I found a new way to look at my life through the lens of the masculine and feminine which inherently gave me a structure with which to evolve.

The growth I have experienced in the wake of this work has been profound! Thank you so much for taking me on this journey, I’ve learned and continue to learn so much!"
Julia, USA


"Buckle up and enjoy the ride, if you are truly open to the potential and trust you will experience magic. The work goes to the heart of the tough stuff and once your break through comes and it will, if you let it, then everything will change!

Gwenolye is an awesome learning partner. She is the embodiment of support and challenge. Her kindness, wisdom and courage has helped me you want a companion to journey to the darkest places she is the perfect person to ask."
Christina, UK


"I have noticed 2 big changes, my feeling of self confidence in my own power, being able to trust my own knowledge, and breaking through the wall (emotional barriers) that has for so long kept me blocked from moving forward on my path. Without the weekly feedback and guidance I would not have been able to get through this work. Gwenolye has a beautiful gift with her ability to know just what I was going through and provide me guidance to get through it. The most valuable for me has been the rebalancing, making space for, and learning to trust my masculine. I feel so much stronger and powerful, confident to step forth and create the vision birthed from my feminine. And of course this will continue to evolve as I continue to demystify. Thank you!"
Craig, Australia

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