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The Tarot is a fascinating tool for guidance! Through the images and symbols it tells a story, helping us gain insights and a better understanding with what is going on.
The cards do not have any power, they are simply a guidance helping us see our life more clearly. They are a great companion on our path as they will help us become more aware.

There are many ways to read yet there is one common thread: a very tuned intuition. Some readers are psychic and can predict events, some are medium and communicate with ancestors while others are intuitive, able to perceive the emotional layer. My ability is intuitive and the reading is intended to be a guidance, helping you find empowerment and insights, focused on finding ways to create more balance and harmony in your life.
In a reading, the answer to a question is only relevant for that moment, it will show how things could unfold from this point.

I work with two decks, the Voyager and Walking with the Sacred, my own deck. My way is shamanic, based on feeling and tracking the energy of your issue which will be represented symbolically in the card. I sense how your situation feels. I cannot predict what would happen but I can sense what could unfold. My support is to help you see options so that you can make a decision in alignment with the quality of life you seek.

Your session:
We will start with a short meditation where I will drum and use my voice to help you centre, giving you space to reflect on your question. You will then shuffle the decks and pick a card from each. You will share your issue and the reading will start. I will sense the energy flow in the card which will reveal the challenges and places in need of attention. I will share all I feel with you to help you see more clearly and find ways for resolution.

My goal is to help you gain a more objective perspective so that you are able to make a decision from an empowered place.

I have a practice in Glastonbury UK and also do readings via Skype.
Please do contact me if you have any questions or for a booking.

Exchange: £30.00 per 1/2 hour; £50.00 per hour

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Shamanic Tarot Readings