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From all I have done I can say that when you tap into your imagination unsuspected doors appear and your life is enhanced. Imagination allows us access to deep knowledge, it is very real and not at all a fantasy. On one hand you have the rational mind and on the other imagination. To have a balanced life they need to work together, they are both equally important.

The common thread to all my work is inspiration. Most of what I do now came from an idea, and so I have learned to see the great value it brings. For you to have a direct experience I have created a page which is accessed through the book in the top corner of this page.

When I started creating forest scenes I wasn't interested in becoming an artist, instead I wanted to find a way to integrate them to my shamanic work. Being fascinated by images and the stories they tell, and by having an understanding of the support oracle cards could provide, the idea of making a deck became very appealing. I liked it so much that I have now made two decks and just started to work on a third.
My first deck, Nothing is as it Seems, was a joined creation with Vanda LLoyd who wrote poems to accompany each image.
My second deck, Walking with the Sacred, aims at helping you deepen your quest.
I offer workshops based on this deck where you journey in the cards to get information supporting your life.
Follow the 'decks' link from the menu above for more details.

We can find great guidance when working with oracle or tarot cards and there is something quite magical about them. What is actually happening is that, with the support of the card you get a visual image which will help you sense the answer to your question.
I have been exploring the tarot for almost two decades and have been offering readings for several years. Follow the 'readings' link from the menu above for more details.


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