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Practice Intro

I have been offering this event for now 6 years and this season will be slightly different as it will include something new: ancestral lineage healing. And if you have come before be aware that it is also in a new location, you can find all information at the bottom of this page.

This new segment has been inspired by a modality added to my practice in 2017 called Biofield Tuning. BT is a powerful technique working with tuning forks and focusing on healing traumas held in the field/aura, including family lineages. Yes it is said that we carry our family’s genes and, I discovered, we also carry their emotions, especially unresolved fears. I came to understand that since all was energetically connected, healing our lineages also had an impact on our own transformation. I chose to add this element to the session because it has become important in our time of change to include the healing of centuries of pain held through our ancestors.

This hour and a half session will be an immersion in shamanic sounds such as rattle, gong, drums and my voice, taking you into a deep meditative state. Within this immersion will be a moment for Ancestral healing which will be done on the group with the Biofield Tuning technique.

Sound is powerful as it interacts with our energy, and ancestral healing is much needed,
join me for this special evening of deep healing and relaxation!

Dates 2020
Coming soon

19h to 20h30
Due to the nature of this work please make sure to arrive on time as there will be no entry once the session starts

£15 - £10 concession
No booking necessary

At the Avalon Community Centre 1 King Street, Glastonbury



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