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Biofield Tuning

Our culture tend to only focus on the physical and when trauma occurs the energetic gets left out. We then accumulate painful memories which keep influencing us in debilitating ways, getting stuck we keep running the same stories and eventually our body get affected. Biofield Tuning is a powerful new technic enabling access to your past located in your energy body, also called aura or biofield.

There is something quite magical with this modality enabling me to go back in time. If you are familiar with shamanism this is very much like Soul retrieval, instead of journeying I work with a tuning fork but the results are the same, energies that were missing get returned to you. The work is very simple yet profound. I sweep your energy field with a tuning fork, starting at the edge, looking for pockets of trauma which will be indicated by the changing sound of the fork as it encounters a denser area. I will also get valuable information which I will share as I work. Once the density is dissolved I will bring the clear vital energy back to your body for reintegration.

Biofield Tuning is very innovative and part of a growing field constantly evolving. Fascinated with this technic I have done my own exploration, looking for ways to deal with very challenging issues as they don’t always originate from this life but can also come from our lineage or even past lives. So far I have been able to find a way through a particular point in the field to connect with the ancestor at the root of an issue, and diffuse the trauma there. It is a very exciting finding as I have been able to help with making sense of some mysterious challenges and diffuse strong emotions.

Although Biofield Tuning can be excellent with many physical discomfort, I specialise more in the emotional aspect of issues. This technic being powerful with dissolving trauma, it is very supportive with changing unhealthy patterns as it diffuses strong emotions keeping us stuck. It has been my observation, through clients and my own experience, that Biofield Tuning can be very valuable to support conscious inner work, the tuning fork clears the field and I also get information which helps becoming more aware.

My goal with this work, as with all my offerings, is to support the integration of your authenticity so that you can create harmony within and without.


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